It’s May!!

I haven’t written in my journal in two months.  I was fighting depression because of the rift in our family due to Mum being hard to live with and my brothers, sisters and I moving off to live on our own.  My sisters and I were busy moving into new home and decorating the house. […]

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Humans, Cabins, and Cows

My sisters and I slept really well last night.  I love, love, love this little house under the tree.  Last night I was too tired from writing about the last two days that I didn’t take time to describe this little house.  Let me describe it to you now.

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Cars, Snow, and Dogs

I didn’t write yesterday because there was really nothing new to share.  We spent Thursday night in a hollowed out stump on a bank beside a back country road.  Car noises kept us from sleeping well but we stayed warm and dry.  Mum was in a rotten mood yesterday…so…well, I reckon that is becoming a […]

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We are homeless! This morning I awoke coughing and choking. Mama and Papa were yelling for Whetu, Airini, Torrin, Kodyn, Caelem, and I to wake up and get out of the house.

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